Why Homeowners are Choosing Flat Roofs for Their HomesWhy Homeowners are Choosing Flat Roofs for Their Homes

When people think about their dream home, images often come to mind about the inside of that home. People will imagine the size of their home or the open floor plan they want. Buying a home is an exciting time and planning can help new homeowners find the perfect place to call home.

One aspect that many homeowners skip over is the type of roof on their home. Savvy home buyers know that choosing a home with the right roof is just as important, if not more so, than what’s on the inside of the home.

What’s the Deal with Flat Roofs?

Choosing the right roof for you and your family can either save you money or cost you money down the line. In the past, many homeowners opted for homes with slate roofs. That’s a mindset that’s quickly changing as homebuyers are beginning to realize the benefits associated with flat roofs.

So what’s the deal with flat roofs and what are so many homeowners switching over? The truth is that flat roofs aren’t a new phenomenon. Most warehouses, apartments, city buildings, and schools have flat roofs because of the plethora of benefits. The benefits associated with flat roofs include low-cost construction, energy efficacy, and appearance. Many homeowners are choosing to switch over from slated roofs to flat roofs to apply those benefits to their home as well.

Why Flat Roof Construction is a Low-Cost Option

According to recent studies on roofing costs, flat roof construction is significantly cheaper than having a slated roof installed. The reason that flat roofs are a cheaper option is that there are fewer materials needed and less time is required for installation. A common flat roof material is EPDM, which is a rubber roofing membrane that is laid out to create the surface of the roof. EPDM flat roofs are then sealed with liquid adhesives that lock in the seams of roof.

An Energy Efficient Roofing Option

If you’re looking for a roofing option that can help keep your heating and cooling costs low, a flat roof is the way to go. Flat roofs use innovative insulation methods that can help maintain the temperature of your house. These roofs have a membrane system that is placed on top of the rigid insulation. This method eliminates gaps in coverage that could potentially raise heating and cooling costs.

Flat Roofs Provide a Modern look

Part of the reason that many homeowners choose flat roofs for their home is based on the look they’re trying to achieve for their home. Flat roofs give homes a modern and trendy look that many homeowners desire. Flip through architecture design magazines and you’ll see for yourself the ways in which a flat roof can give you the home of your dreams. Appearance isn’t everything but coupled with the previously mentioned benefits, it certainly makes flat roofs a great option to consider.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember in regards to your homes roof is staying on top of regular maintenance. Flat roofs are a great option that many savvy homeowners are switching to. In order to ensure that flat roof stays in great shape, regular maintenance needs to be performed by professionals. Give A and L Flat Roof Repair a call today at (586) 777-1477 to take care of all your flat roof maintenance needs.