4 Signs Your Residential Roof Needs Repairs

4 Signs Your Residential Roof Needs RepairsOur homes are often the place where we can relax and unwind with the people who matter the most to us. It can be our quiet place after a long day of work, or a place filled with love and laughter. Many people say it doesn’t matter where they live as long as they have a roof over their head and family with them. In truth, the roof of their home is one of the most important structures of our homes.

If the roof of your home falls into disrepair, it can cause problems for you and your family down the line. In the worst case scenario, your entire roof would need to be replaced because repairs were not handled in a timely manner. Replacing the roof of your home is a costly and time-consuming process.  By being proactive about repairs and maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your roof.

Signs to Watch Out For

You may have had a new roof installed recently and feel like repairing or maintaining your roof isn’t a priority right now. However, even with newer roofs, it’s still important to inspect your roof twice a year to catch any sign that repairs could be needed. Some signs to keep an eye out for include:

  • Dark patches on your roof. If some shingles on your roof look darker than others, you’re probably seeing the darker toned substrate that’s below the protective layer of your shingles. Exposed substrate are more vulnerable to UV exposure and moisture. It’s better to be proactive when you notice dark patches on your roof and have those shingles replaced immediately than dealing with water damage down the line.
  • Damage to the flashing of your roof. Flashing is an aluminum or steel material on the joints of your roof that helps prevent water from seeping in and damaging your roof. Since the joints of your roof are a vulnerable area for water damage, it’s more important than ever to make sure your flashing is in working order.
  • Water or discoloration on attic walls. If you notice any leaking or discoloration in your attic, it means that damage has already been done to your roof that requires repairs. In this particular case, emergency repairs need to be done on your roof to ensure that mold doesn’t start to grow and cause risks to your families health, as well as to ensure the structure of your roof is sound.
  • Higher than usual utility bills. Our roofs are not only protection against the elements, but they also help keep our hot and cool air in the house. If you notice that your heating or cooling costs are elevated, there’s a good chance that there’s water damage to the insulation of your roof. Mention the elevated utility costs during maintenance visits for your roof to ensure more comprehensive repairs aren’t needed.

What to Do If Your Roof Needs Repairs

If you notice any of the signs listed above, it’s important to be proactive about getting your roof repairs done. Here at A and L Flat Roof Repair we strive to make the process as easy as possible for you. Don’t let something that’s a minor repair turn into something bigger than it needs to be. Give A and L Flat Roof Repair a call today at (586) 777-1477 to handle all of your residential roofing repair needs.