Warren Flat Roof Repair Contractor Lists 5 Signs Your Roof has a Low Spot

Warren Flat Roof Repair ContractorCommercial flat roofs require preventative maintenance in order to detect signs of leaks or deterioration. One common problem with flat roofs are low spots. If these low spots are not addressed in a timely manor, business owners may be looking at costly repairs or even a roof replacement. So what are some signs your roof may have a low spot?

  1. Ponding Water

A flat roof is almost level but it will have a slight incline to allow rain water to run off the building properly. One obvious indicator that your roof has a low spot is ponding water. Ponding water can be described as any water that collects to form puddles instead of running off the roof.

These pools of water can eventually cause leaks and other damage, resulting in expensive repairs. And over time, the weight of these puddles will cause low spots to get even deeper. Contact a Warren roofing contractor at the first sign of any water ponding.

  1. Circles of Sediment on the Roof

If you are not on your roof immediately after it rains, you may not see actual water ponding. However, there will still be evidence of water ponding even after the puddles dry up. Look for any sediment rings on the roof that resemble dried up pools of water.

  1. Sagging, Stained, or Damp Ceilings

Signs of low spots are not limited to the building’s exterior. Eventually low spots will lead to leaks and water damage will be visible on the interior ceiling. Unfortunately, this interior damage indicates your low spot is already developing into a more serious issue so contact a flat roof repair company right away.

  1. Mold or Odd Smells

Another sign of a low spot on your flat roof is mold growth that’s visible on the building’s interior. If you see or smell any signs of mold on your ceiling, this means moisture has to be coming from somewhere. Contact a local flat roof repair contractor to check for any signs of water ponding or low spots on the roof.

  1. Clogged Drainage System

If your draining system is clogged it may be collecting water, and the weight of the water can create a low spot near the drain. Schedule regular maintenance with a flat roof repair contractor so they can make sure your drainage systems is functioning properly and not clogged by leaves or any other debris. If you have recently cleaned out a clogged drain, check to see if a low spot has developed around the area of the drain.

I Need a Warren Flat Roof Repair Contractor to Inspect My Commercial Building

If you are experiencing any of the items mentioned above, contact a flat roof repair contractor before a small repair develops into an expensive repair or replacement. Also, don’t forget preventative maintenance is key. Talk to your local roofing contractor about getting on a regular maintenance schedule.

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