Three Issues That Require Emergency Flat Roof Repairs in Metro Detroit

Three Issues That Require Emergency Flat Roof RepairsThere are certain updates and maintenance for your home or commercial property that you can wait for an opportune time to fix. Repairing your flat roof is not one of those updates. If you have damage to your flat roof, you’ll want it repaired immediately to prevent further damage or the need to replace your roof entirely. That’s why it’s so important to have a trusted contractor available to help with any flat roof repairs.

While regular maintenance should be performed on your flat roof, some issues can’t wait to be corrected. It’s important to recognize the difference between routine maintenance repairs and repairs that put your building at risk.

What Types of Damage Need To Be Corrected Immediately?

It can be hard to tell the difference between any repairs that should be made as part of routine maintenance and repairs that should be made immediately. Here are the top three issues that require emergency flat roof repair.

  1. Any noticeable leaking is a sign you need emergency roof repair. Any areas on your flat roof that show signs of leakage need to be repaired immediately. Damage to your roof caused by leakage can range from stained ceilings, damaged electrical systems, and falling sheet rock.
  2. The appearance of cracks in your flat roof can signal the need for emergency repair. Built up pressure and stress on your flat roof may cause pressure and stress over time. If you notice any cracking, you’ll want to have the problem corrected immediately. Cracks can leave your home or business exposed to precipitation and compromise the structure of your flat roof. These cracks make it unsafe to live or work under the damaged flat roof.
  3. Any pooling water on your flat roof needs to be drained immediately. Flat roofs can shift over time causing them to not be as level as they were upon installation. As a result, water may pool into the dips in your roof. If you notice any pooling water, you’ll want to call and have the pooled water drained as part of emergency maintenance. Pooled water can seep into the layers of your roof and cause lasting damage that shortens the lifespan of your roof.

Time is Of the Essence

It’s important to reach out immediately if you notice of the issues listed above. First and foremost, the issues that put the structure of your roof at risk are dangerous for you, your family, or employees. In order to prevent potential mishaps, these issues need to be corrected in a timely manner.

Also, the prolonged damage caused by waiting to repair these issues can result in needing to replace your flat roof entirely. Replacing your flat roof costs more and can take more time away from your home or business.

The best course of action is to perform regular maintenance on your flat roof and reach out immediately if you see any of the issues listed above. If you do notice these issues, don’t hesitate, give us a call at (586) 777-1477 so we can help repair any issues before they grow into hazards!