Fixing Your Commercial Flat Roof This Fall/Winter in Troy, MI

Are you searching for a commercial flat roofer in Troy MI? A lot of small business owners in Troy, MI focus on snow removal and stopping ice from building up on their walkways in the winter months. While both of those tasks are important for the safety of your workers and customers, that’s not the only area that you need to focus on this winter season.

Certainly one very essential element of your commercial property is your roof covering. Ideally, scheduled routine flat roof maintenance should be conducted bi-annually to guarantee that your rubber flat roof is in great condition throughout every season. However, unanticipated conditions can arise at any point in time. It’s especially necessary to have your flat roof serviced before winter so that built-up moisture will not generate an even larger problem.

Reasons You Should Not Wait to Have Your Flat Roof Repaired

Winters in Michigan are very very cold and wet. Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures create issues for even the most properly maintained roofs. Problems like cracks in your roof or leaks need to always be quickly remedied for several reasons.

The damage can spread. If you have a crack in your roof, the freezing temperatures and ice can result in that crack suddenly spreading across your roof. A simple and easy repair job can turn into a major dilemma that might require you to replace your flat roof.

Leaks can jeopardize the reliability of your roof. Water leaks that are left without being properly repaired can leak down through the layers of your flat roof and harm the structure of your roof itself. This is particularly dangerous because severely damaged roofs can collapse.

Mold and mold may start to develop. Built-up moisture can result in black mold and mildew growing in your industrial property. This is a danger for workers and clients as well and in most cases can be avoided by determining the cause of the moisture and repairing as needed.

The price of your utilities could go through the roof. Any tears or water leaks in your flat roof indicate that your industrial property is being exposed to the elements. Throughout the winter months, that could lead to your heating bill going up significantly.

The Good News Regarding Flat Roof Repairs in Troy

If you discover any indications of damage to your flat roof this fall or winter, there is no need to worry. The good thing about rubber flat roofs is that the repairs are often easy, even in the cold weather months. Allowing your flat roof contractor to service any problem can save you cash down the line.

When you contact your flat roof contractor for service, the first thing they will do is ascertain the damage to determine the reason. If a leak is being brought on by a rip in the membrane of your flat roof, that tear can be repaired to create a watertight seal. Even with the freezing conditions, your flat roofing specialists can heat the adhesive glue to make sure that it completely seals.

Call the Best Commercial Flat Roofer in Troy MI

Understanding how to repair your EPDM rubber flat roof this winter comes with experience. While the repairs may be simple and easy, they should always be carried out by an expert to guarantee that your rubber flat roof continues to serve you and your company for years to come.

Here at A and L Flat Roof Repair, we have more than 27 years of fixing and servicing flat roofs in and around the Troy, MI area! If you notice any signs of damage to your  EPDM rubber flat roof this fall or winter, do not wait to give us a call at (586) 777-1477. We service Oakland, Macomb, Lapeer, and Genesee counties.

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