Common Reasons for Water Ponding on Flat RoofsIf you own property in Warren, MI with a flat roof you want to be sure you properly maintain it each year.   The last thing you should do is ignore the problem as it will likely turn into a much larger problem for you.  A minor repair now could save you a full flat roof installation in the future.

Flat roofs do have some advantages over sloped roofs, but they are much more susceptible to leaks.  To keep your flat roof in the best possible condition, you’ll want to hire a flat roof contractor to perform regular inspections and maintenance.   Fixing minor issues as they occur will pay off in the long run.  Here are our 6 warning signs that your flat roof needs to be repaired.

  1. Cracked Tar
    Over time, the tar that is used on your flat roof will begin to shrink and crack.  This is generally caused by the freezing and thawing of your flat roof during the winter season.  This freeze-thaw cycle results in the protrusion or expansion of your roof joints.    If you see this occurring in your flat room, contact your local flat roof contractor immediately so they can seal the cracks and minimize further damage.
  1. Pooling Water
    Pooling water is a common sign that your flat roof needs repair.  Even though your roof is flat, they do slope ever so slightly so the water can drain properly.  Without a slope, large amounts of water could pool and extra weight on your roof which could cause it to collapse.   If you notice puddles of water on your roof or you notice your root is sagging in areas, call your local flat roof contractor servicing Warren, MI to assess what is wrong and take the necessary steps to fix your flat roof.
  1. Interior Water Marks
    In some cases, roofing issues can be spotted inside the building. You may notice water stains on the walls or on the ceiling on the upper levels of your building. Call your local flat roof contractor servicing Warren, MI out to your location to inspect and determine the extent of the damage to your flat roof.
  1. Mold and Mildew
    Moisture is the leading cause of mold and mildew accumulating on your flat roof. If you notice stains or discolored areas, contact your local flat roof contractor as soon as possible.  If not corrected, your building will not only look damaged from the exterior, but you may end up will health issues due to the poor quality of indoor air if the mold and mildew find a way into the building.
  2. Damaged Flashing
    Most flat roofs have metal edging running around the perimeter.  This flashing service seals joints and other areas that would normally be exposed to water without it.  Not only does it ensure the structural integrity of your building but it also helps to prevent leaks from occurring. If the metal gets bent, or it begins to rust, it could cause damage to your flat roof.  If the flashing isn’t sealing the roof properly, it could allow water to seep into other areas of the roof resulting in damage.  To avoid damage from occurring we recommend you call your local flat roof contractor to come out and repair or replace the flashing on your flat roof.
  1. Bubbling, Cracking, or Blistering
    If you see any signs of bubbling, cracking, or blistering, you have moisture that is trapped beneath the surface. The sun will heat the moisture which will in turn cause the membrane to crack and expand.  Over time, the structural integrity of your flat roof will be compromised.  To avoid this, contact your local flat roof contractor as soon as possible.

Call Warren’s Flat Roof Experts

Knowing how to fix your Warren, MI flat roof comes with experience. While the repairs may be simple, they need to always be performed by an expert to make sure that your rubber flat roof continues to serve you and your business for years to come.

Here at A and L Flat Roof Repair, we have more than 27 years of repairing and servicing flat roofs! If you notice any signs of damage to your Warren, MI flat roof give us a call at (586) 777-1477. We service Macomb Oakland, Macomb, Lapeer, and Genesee counties.